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Bardo Pond: Bardo Pond [Album Review]


Bardo Pond is somewhat of a mystery. “Don’t Know About You” features epic soundscapes ringing with loud guitars and borderline grunge female vocals, a sound that is stunning at the very least. Then there are songs like “Sleeping” which dive into more minimal, loopy instrumentation, focusing on echoing soundscapes and flute melodies.

This dichotomy makes Bardo Pond quite unique, going one moment from a masterful, anthemic rock tune while padding it with experimental tunes, ripe with playful atrocities. “Undone” features an erratic guitar amidst the front-woman’s drawn-out vocals; at just over 21 minutes in length, the song’s experimental nature makes it somewhat of a brilliant schizophrenic. In a way, Bardo Pond is reminiscent of a Western, female-fronted version of Ghost.

“Just Once”, the opening track, also combines these two sounds, starting out soft and experimental before yearning for the highest peaks of volume. The guitars scream with an unfettered ferocity. This album is fresh and creative, though even typing those words seem to tarnish the powerfully dark and feral nature of Bardo Pond’s music. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Download: “Don’t Know About You” by Bardo Pond
[audio:110112-bardo-pond-dont-know-about-you.mp3|titles=Don’t Know About You|artists=Bardo Pond]


Fire Records [CD, 2011]

1. Just Once
2. Don’t Know About You
3. Sleeping
4. Undone
5. Cracker Wrist
6. The Stars Behind
7. Waynes Tune

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