The Twees: On The Spot [Video]


The Twees, whose name sparks memories of Sarah Records and a bad ass song by Tullycraft, are back with a new EP called These Girls. With this new offering The Twees are sounding, well, less twee. This is probably a good thing as they tend to be described as post-punk and their home is Brooklyn (not that the latter means anything in terms of being twee or not being twee).

“On The Spot” is the song that grabs me first from These Girls, so there is no surprise it was the track selected for a music video. It’s a pretty standard video, but the one thing I hone in on is that these guys appear pretty young (or maybe I’m just getting old). Yet their sound is mature, deep, and filled with a playful darkness perfect for their post-punk sensibilities.

These Girls drops on Wednesday (Jan 12), so keep an eye out for it. Check out the video of “On The Spot” below and grab the mp3 while you’re at it!

Download: “On The Spot” by The Twees
[audio:110110-twees-on-the-spot.mp3|titles=On The Spot|artists=The Twees]

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