Drummers: Planes [Video]


Drummers is a band that initially reminded me of a favorite from a few years back, a band that dominated noise in every way possible. Vocals, drums and guitar were no match for the volume the three made when combined. That band was and is Japandroids. Drummers is based in Boston; they’re a band that has shared the stage with The Thermals and Built To Spill, and they share members (past and present) with Hardly Art’s Pretty & Nice. So from the get-go, you know things will get loud.

Yet noise, like most things, can be controlled and mastered and Drummers does just that. “Planes” fits Drummers’ signature sound, which they dub as post-hardcore. It’s catchy, screamy, and pointed with head-bobbing and -banging guitar riffs. The video is a bit standard, showing the band performing their song in what appears to be a basement recording and practice space, but it’s worth a viewing or two nonetheless — it’s the song that will draw you in.

Download: “Oceans” by Drummers

Drummers – “Planes” from Bobby Landry on Vimeo.

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