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We’re Invisible Now: Galilee [mp3]


Out of the beautiful Victoria BC, just across the border from the northwest corner of Washington state, is a new pop band of which you should be aware. They’re called We’re Invisible Now and they create haunting, dulcet pop, quiet and melodic, filled with dreamy melodies and wispy vocals. “Galilee” is the eighth and final track of their self titled debut, available now on bandcamp. The song begins soft and remains so throughout the first half, only to foray into a psychedelic electric haze toward the end. Singer Deirdre Smith excels with whispery, surreal vocals and the backing bedroom pop-meets-psychedelic experimentation is her perfect combination.

Download: “Galilee” by We’re Invisible Now
[audio:101230-were-invisible-now-galilee.mp3|titles=Galilee|artists=We’re Invisible Now]

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