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Campfire OK: Strange Like We Are [Album Review]


The cooler than ice members of Campfire OK are all just Martin Scorseses of the indie rock world. Scorsese, who actually went to film school, has been constantly thrown into categories of filmmakers that include folks who never took the time to study, but got damn lucky and just jumped on in. While such swift and risky behavior can be commended, what about the other guys? These Seattle based dudes have literally studied music, and have made it a staple in their lives long enough to “have honorary PhD’s” as their website suggests. And Strange Like We Are clearly shows that sometimes the experts in their fields can be the best people to turn to.

There is a subtle hint of folk thrown into the intriguing bouts with everyday atmospheric indie rock. At times, like on “I Would Like Everything”, the guys sneak in a banjo where you may normally consider an inappropriate spot for a hillbilly’s favorite instrument (save for the spoons that is). But, folk artists they really aren’t. Not on Strange Like We Are. There is far too much piano and atmospheric madness ensuing throughout this albums duration to make such a claim. “Not Young Not Old” may have a bit of lyrical content worthy of a 1930’s country tune, but the void filling aura of the track makes it almost outer worldly, and gives these guys an overall tantalizing sound.

It sure is wonderful to listen to a band and just straight up know that conducting and manufacturing music on the most personal level is their one and only agenda. Campfire OK is a musician’s favorite group of musicians. These guys are the modern equivalent of all the hip cats that inspired those who are the source of inspiration for today’s finest acts. And as time passes by, these guys may be the band everyone says they like, even if they have never heard of them, because of a fear built in all music lovers of sounding like an amateur listener. You know, like Radiohead. Yes, Radiohead!

Download: “Strange Like We Are” by Campfire OK
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Ana-Them Records [CD, 2011]

1. We Lay In Caves
2. Hard Times
3. Strange Like We Are
4. I Would Like Everything
5. Not Young Not Old
6. Magic Tricks
7. Brass
8. Complimenting Parts
9. Bleach Blonde
10. Primp and Prune
11. You Would Ow Me
12. Mexico N-O

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