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I Was A King: Old Friends [Album Review]


The self-titled release by I Was A King was pretty solid, but Old Friends is another beast entirely. The album is a stunning portrayal of original pop music. Heavily-strummed acoustic guitars are complemented by pop vocals and offset by thick brass orchestration. And the band forays into experimentation of occasion.

“Echoes” features highly prominent trombone and erratic staccato percussive drumming; this is a commonality on Old Friends. Throughout, the album the band’s unique rhythmic section adds punchy, precision percussion using the entire trap set. The added orchestration and clever, catchy songwriting sets this album leaps above I Was A King.

I Was A King features a musical saw in “Learning to Fly” and “Here To Stay”, adding to their newfound originality. And they complement this originality with the great elements from their debut — hints of Teenage Fanclub style pop music heavy with bouncy vocal melodies and infectious chord progressions.

Old Friends is easily one of the first great records of 2011!

Download: “Someone Is Waiting” by I Was A King
[audio:101227-i-was-a-king-someone-is-waiting.mp3|titles=Someone Is Waiting|artists=I Was A King]

Download: “Nightwalking” by I Was A King
[audio:101227-i-was-a-king-nightwalking.mp3|titles=Nightwalking|artists=I Was A King]


Sounds Familyre [CD, 2011]

1. The Wylde Boys
2. Echoes
3. Learning To Fly
4. Nightwalking
5. Snow Song
6. Someone Is Waiting
7. Unreal
8. Forgive And Forget
9. Daybreak
10. Kontrari
11. Here To Stay
12. Old Friends

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