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Teen Daze: Beach Dreams [Album Review]


Oh this chill, lo-fi style of pop never seems to get old. It’s good in the summertime, when days are hot and nothing seems better than to sit in the shade with a cold beer or hide in a dark room with the air conditioning full blast. And it’s good in the winter, when you long for those summer moments while cozily wrapped in warm blankets. Beach Dreams by Teen Daze captures these feelings and puts them to song with an overall fuzzy haze of goodness.

The album title is perfect; Teen Daze has created a beachy sound with jangly guitars, lovable lo-fi harmonies and harmonic banter on being young, enjoying the beach, and love. It’s a bit different from some of the other work by Teen Daze, which is more like the chill-wave of Washed Out (see the Teen Daze song “Shine On, You Crazy White Cap”) than a mix between Real Estate and Beach Fossils.

“Let’s Fall Asleep Together” may be among the top two or three beach-pop tunes to surface this year, opening with Beach Boys-like harmonies and diving into a rapid guitar strum and consistent loud snare and cymbal-heavy percussion that’s impossible not to love.

The remaining three songs, too, are pretty great. In “Water” he sings about sunny California and a love: I wanna be with you in the sun / I wanna be with you tonight. In “Cliff Jump Love Song”, you can picture grabbing a picnic with great friends on a rock above the water, jumping in on occasion while others sunbathe. It’s enough to make these cold winter days feel a tad bit warmer.

Then there’s the title track, “Beach Dreams”, which is a beach ballad. It’s a sleepy bedroom-like track, lulling you to sleep. Beach Dreams is, in many ways, a near perfect EP, starting off strong and wrapping with a wonderful, pleasant ballad. Four songs, all superb.

Download: “Let’s Fall Asleep Together” by Teen Daze
[audio:101223-teen-daze-lets-fall-asleep-together.mp3|titles=Let’s Fall Asleep Together|artists=Teen Daze]


[Digital EP, 2010]

1. Let’s Fall Asleep Together
2. Water
3. Cliff Jump Love Song
4. Beach Dreams

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