Happy New Year: Hotel [Video]


This video, “Hotel” by Happy New Year, gives the listener/viewer a first-hand experience of what I would assume it feels like to be drunk and tripping at the same time. Nothing is clear; the world is a dizzying, strange place filled with odd, strange people. Colors, too, are at one moment vivid and the next a blur. Things overlap. Happy New Year’s song is a dance-worthy nightmare, filled with pleasant beats and eerie sounds. The vocals of Eleanor Logan, too, are highly uncanny. In fact, this all fits the video: it shows a girl getting high on wild fruit and her ensuing peyote-esque trip.

Happy New Year’s “Hotel” was directed by Rob Heppell. The song can be found on the band’s Twins/Hotel 7″ single on Crikey! Records.

HAPPY NEW YEAR- HOTEL from rob heppell on Vimeo.

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