Callers: How To Hold Your Arms [Video]


Callers met in New Orleans before ultimately relocating to Brooklyn. This isn’t necessarily important in their creation of music, merely a statement of historical fact. Well, that’s not entirely true. When I think of New Orleans, I think of a place somehow lost post Katrina and struggling to renew their culture. But it’s different; things are different. So culture has changed. Of course, this is all in my head as I have not been to New Orleans. But in a way, I hear that side of New Orleans (at least the version that resides in my head) in Callers. The band’s sound is difficult to describe, highly unique, and a bit odd. It’s like that music in Twin Peaks — a bit other-worldly and a smidgen awkward. Likewise, their video for the song follows suit. And that’s what makes it damn good.

“How To Hold Your Arms” is available on Live Of Love, Callers new album out now on Western Vinyl.

Download: “How To Hold Your Arms” by Callers
[audio:101222-callers-how-to-hold-your-arms.mp3|titles=How To Hold Your Arms|artists=Callers]

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