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Peggy Sue: Fossils and Other Phantoms [Album Review]


There aren’t many things as enticing as dueling female folk vocals. It’s a form of expression that invokes a sort of spirit that lies in the lowest depths of the canals of history. Storytelling has always been an important aspect of our lives, whether we choose to define it as so simply or not. And a group like Peggy Sue seem to think that storytelling through folk music is the premiere opportunity to let the soul release, as well as dig deep into our own psyche to understand what it means to have lived. These dueling females and a drummer have stumbled upon something truly unique with their album Fossils and Other Phantoms.

There is not a single track on this album that is not at least somewhat thought-provoking. As the beautiful simplicity of post-folk sounds stream through your modern ears, it is your mind that shall wander; and wander it will, into oblivion thanks to tales of love, confusion, and an overall ill-temperament towards evil in general. Peggy Sue dig a little bit of old school R&B and fuse it with modern indie rock on the vocally captivating track “I Read It in the Paper”. And they really spruce up the down home folk techniques on the quicker paced track “February Snow”.

It really seems to be coming true that the UK is leading the force when it comes indie folk rock. Sure, our fellow patriots across the land are picking up the fiddles and banjos from Seattle to Bangor, but there is a certain raw sense of emotion that those across the pond really seem to want to capture, and spend a bit less time replicating and more time creating. And Fossils and Other Phantoms is a brilliant display of artistic integrity that we really need to see more of on this side of the pond. Peggy Sue is not only entertaining; they may very well be inspiring to oh so many folks across the globe.

Download: “Watchman” by Peggy Sue
[audio:101217-peggy-sue-watchman.mp3|titles=Watchman|artists=Peggy Sue]


Yep Roc Records [CD, 2010]

1. Long Division Blues
2. Yo Mama
3. Read It In The Paper
4. Green Grow The Rushes
5. Watchman
6. She Called
7. Careless Talk
8. The Remainder
9. Matilda
10. February Snow
11. Fossils
12. Shape We Made

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