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Pandit: Artichoke [mp3]


Contrary to the word’s Indian and Hindu heritage, the band Pandit is from an entirely different land. Pandit is Lance Smith from Texas and his latest work is a drum-heavy psychedelic dream pop album called Eternity Spin. This album, in my opinion, has one of the better album covers we’ve seen in a while. Eternity Spin follows a self-released EP from early this year, a release that generated a few waves for Pandit and ultimately landed Smith a spot on Waaga Records, on which you can find Eternity Spin.

“Artichoke” is the first single off the album, and it has a chill-wave feel to it, surreal in instrumentation and vocals yet heavy with a pounding beat. In a way, it’s a joining the eccentricities of Atlas Sound with the pleasantries of Washed Out. Pandit is cool — very cool — and Smith executes his own style of experimental dream pop beautifully.

Download: “Artichoke” by Pandit

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