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The Silent Boys: Princess By The Sea [Album Review]


Taking inspiration from the remnants of Sarah Records is The Silent Boys, a band that embodies the term indie-pop. Their music, as heard throughout Princess By The Sea is lovable and twee. Odd, then, that this album would just now be getting a release — it is the band’s oldest work, shelved and tweaked for more than two decades. Thus it should be no surprise that Princess By The Sea strives to be the perfect pop album.

What surprises further is that The Silent Boys haven’t been snagged by one of the remnants of the era. Princess By The Sea would fit comfortably on a label like Fortuna Pop! or Matinee Recordings.

In comparison to the band’s library of work, Princess lacks in the heavier moments in albums like Beauty Tips (2004), Wishing Well Eyes (2006) and Progression (2009). Princess leans away from the grittier rock sound while maintaining some of the efficacy of lo-fi pop they’re known for. In fact, they take the term pop to a whole new level on this album, mastering the ability to cause feet to shuffle awkwardly and boys to casually and shyly smile at the girl across the way.

Hopelessly romantic nerds unite: this music is for us!

Princess By The Sea is available now for purchase from CD Baby.

Download: “Don’t Wait Forever” by The Silent Boys

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1. Don’t Take Love For Granted
2. Don’t Wait Forever
3. Nature’s Message
4. Everybody Has Value
5. Strawberries & Cream
6. Lonely Boy
7. Princess By The Sea

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