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New Mexico: Have You Met My Friend? [Album Review]


I’ve seen New Mexico be slated as garage, but I don’t quite hear it. It’s a little too clean for me to slap on that label. It has plenty of rawness and grit, but not quite enough to cross the line into the garage. It doesn’t matter; their new album, Have You Seen My Friend?, does throw a mighty rock tantrum. These guys are loud, but not too loud. They put emphasis in all the right places, in the riffs they play, the songs they write, and the production that brings it all together. New Mexico is just as capable of cranking up the volume in songs like “Abused And Amused” as they are to drop it down a level for something a bit more refined, as heard at times throughout “Case Closed”.

Have You Seen My Friend? is available from bandcamp.

Download: “Abused And Amused” by New Mexico
[audio:101208-new-mexico-abused-and-amused.mp3|titles=Abused And Amused|artists=New Mexico]

Download: “Get A Job” by New Mexico”
[audio:101208-new-mexico-get-a-job.mp3|titles=”Get A Job”|artists=New Mexico]


[CD, 2010]

1. Motion Sickness
2. Abused And Amused
3. Case Closed
4. Get A Job
5. Chosen Ones
6. Quiet In The City
7. Golden

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