Morrow [Feature]


There’s an odd calm in the song “Who Will Be King Over All The Dead” by Morrow, which is a bit strange as it’s a full-fledged rock song. It possesses a hypnotic, mesmerizing presence that will sweep you away. And it’s apocalyptic in its emotive nature. Starting soft, almost minimal, the song adds a heavy percussion about 30 seconds in. It’s the dark guitars, the epic percussion (in the heavier moments), and the dreamily morose lyrics and calming vocals that hint of Black Heart Procession.

Morrow, however, keeps their sound unique with heavier rock tunes like “June Weather” and a more-overall focus on interesting percussion as found in “Sustenance”. They embody that post-rock trait of impeccably soft lows matched by epic, mind-blowing heights.

Morrow recently dropped a self-titled LP on Excursions Into The Abyss Records.

Download: “Who Will Be King Over All The Dead” by Morrow
[audio:101208-morrow-who-will-be-king-over-all-the-dead.mp3|titles=Who Will Be King Over All The Dead|artists=Morrow]

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