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Emmalee Crane: Formantine [Album Review]


I like to think Emmalee Crane and I would get along well. I think this because of her music. It’s unassuming, unpretentious, yet it exists in a completely different realm of thought. It’s down to earth, yet it’s also quite out there. You get that with minimalist music, but unlike her earlier work in Crux, this one has louder peaks. On Formantine, Crane’s latest release, she adds more samples, picking up bits and pieces of spoken word. It’s part eerie and part relaxing, a trait common to the best of the minimalist genre.

Traits also include ambiance, obscurity, mystery; Crane plays these well, never quite showing her face, and shrouding her music in the most appropriate of melodies. These are movements in the classical sense, featuring electronics alongside oboes, synthesizers next to strings. On Formantine, Crane’s music has a dominating presence so spacial, it comes close to materializing nondescriptly, just out of sight, barely in the peripheral. And it’s terrifying; these songs will just as soon sooth your soul as they will frighten your very being.

Download: “We Came From Monsters” by Emmalee Crane
[audio:101129-emmalee-crane-we-came-from-monsters.mp3|titles=We Came From Monsters|artists=Emmalee Crane]


The Streetlight Farm [CD, 2010]

1. Crasher
2. Gight Vaulting
3. We Came From Monsters
4. Summit
5. I Never Expect You To Stay
6. The Queens Of Carmen
7. Inerosion
8. In Sense & Sign
9. Frame Alabaster
10. You Stare To Be Seen
11. Formantine

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