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Acid House Kings: Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends? [mp3]


Of Johan Angergård’s three bands, only Acid House Kings stays fixed within its prior works’ roots. This band has always created lovable pop music and that hasn’t changed one bit in their first single in five to six years, “Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends?”

With what sounds like a bass clarinet (or maybe just a regular clarinet – my ears are a bit rusty on some of the more non-traditional woodwind instruments) stealing some of the melody, and a signature indie-pop guitar riff, brother Niklas Angergård takes the vocal lead. Behind him, you’ll hear some light orchestration courtesy Johan and backup vocals by Julia Lannerheim.

Acid House Kings is a band that dominates in their ability to create some of the best indie pop music in the world. Thankfully, this too is a trait Acid House Kings retain in their latest offering.

Download: “Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends?” by Acid House Kings
[audio:101113-acid-house-kings-lovers-or-friends.mp3|titles=Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends?|artists=Acid House Kings]

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