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Clean Equations: People/Variables [Album Review]


A little dose of pretty soundscape pop can be a wonderful thing to have in your life. Finding that perfect background music for the gentlest of moments in your life can be absolutely exhilarating. Clean Equations might just be the perfect indie pop group you can find right now for such an experience. Their debut album People/Variables has a lot to say as far as lyrical content, but not likely enough to deter your attention away from the mass of organs, splendid guitar work, and wonderfully out-of-sync sound bites just waiting for you to trip to.

The outer worldly track “A Little More 14 on 26” is one that will leave you feeling soothed beyond any possible comparison. Staring into the vast unknown of our own inner workings is right around the time that a Clean Equations song just might seem to make the most sense. And if you are looking to break down the meaning for existence even more, look no further than in the ultra lo-fi cut “Buried Translations”, easily the highlight cut from People/Variables.

Clean Equation’s front man Michael Nyhan definitely knows how to write song. And the material you will find on People/Variables obviously goes far beyond a few scribbled down lyrics and a hummable tune turned to sound. No, this is ambiance-infused pop music that is indigenous to a world where the music has to be embodied not solely in your heart, but in your entire damned being. A world where the more instruments you have, the better your chance at creating a new wave of brilliant soundscape pop. In this world of beautiful obscurity, Clean Equations rule thy kingdom.

Download: “A Little More 14 On 26” by Clean Equations
[audio:101111-clean-equations-a-little-more-14-on-26.mp3|titles=A Little More 14 On 26|artists=Clean Equations]

Download: “Buried Translations” by Clean Equations
[audio:101111-clean-equations-buried-translations.mp3|titles=Buried Translations|artists=Clean Equations]


State Capital Records [CD, 2010]

1. People / Variables
2. A Little More 14 On 26
3. On The US Treasury
4. French Noise Piece
5. Sunday Night Maybes
6. Haitian Noise Piece
7. The Main Line
8. Buried Translations
9. City Girls Try
10. Christmas Daze

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