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Inner Prisms: Synchronicity [Album Review]


There is something very grandfatherly about the music of Inner Prisms. It’s warm, comforting, and even a little bit mischievous. Whether singing about a dusty road or a kitty, the big city or past loves, these artists are great for making nostalgia a jovial experience.  Acoustic guitar, harmonicas, and swimming bass lines wield for us a harmless listening experience while certain tracks, such as the sitar laden “Mediation 1”, help mix things up a bit.

Such accessibility in musicianship blended with thick and creamy vocals bring us back to the fragile beauty of the blues and jazz. We can see these guys singing these songs along the side of the road; ready to share their humble, “midnight around a campfire” music with whoever comes along. From a mysterious band who claims to create in hopes of conveying “a message of love, hope, redemption and renewal” one might expect complex songs overstuffed with statement and sunshine. What we get instead, and perhaps all we really need, is simplicity.

Check out their bandcamp page for appealing artwork and the full story behind why these guys are making music.

Download: “Dusty Road” by Inner Prisms
[audio:101103-inner-prisms-dusty-road.mp3|titles=Dusty Road|artists=Inner Prisms]


[CD/Digital LP, 2010]

1. It’s Been A Long Time Coming
2. Learn How To Love
3. Dusty Road
4. Young Man
5. Meditation 1 (Transformation)
6. Everything Is One
7. Little Kitty
8. The Big City
9. Everything Is Changing
10. The Final Meditation

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  1. So happy that you have blogged about Inner Prisms! These guys are so awesome, not only in the extremely-talented-musician kind of way, but also in the kind hearted-humble-genuine kind of way. Gerald and his friends have filled our little shop with their beautiful tunes a few times now, and each and every time – new ears fall in love with them. Inner Prisms doesn’t stop with their music – they live and project compassion and kindness.

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