The Migrant [Feature]

The Migrant

Last month… actually, two months ago now that it’s officially November, Danish artist Bjarke Bendtsen released his debut album under the guise of The Migrant. That work is titled Travels In Lowland and it is a wonderful mix of pop and psychedelic folk. Bendtsen’s life seems a dream; he spent the past year traveling through the states with a guitar and a suitcase only to return to Denmark to record this album. And he did so from a cottage on the coast. That is, I assume, where the cover art comes from. Then he returned to the states to record his second, which we will see next year.

Travels In Lowland is a brilliant display of pop and psychedelia, of folk and musical experimentation. From the odd vocal opening and light guitar in opening tune “The Organ Grinder” to the song’s strong conclusion plush with melodic instrumentation, The Migrant is a musician at heart and at soul. Full and emotive, The Migrants songwriting too is gripping, pulling the listener in with catchy guitars, an array of instruments and occasional harmony vocals. And those vocals! Bendsten’s voice holds an intrigue not often found — vocals are strong and deep, like those of Jens Lekman or Jeff Buckley. Strong, deep, and distinctly his own.

Travels In Lowland is available now from The Migrant’s website. The band’s second, titled Amerika, is due out next spring. The following two tracks can be found on Travels.

Download: “The Organ Grinder” by The Migrant
[audio:101102-migrant-the-organ-grinder.mp3|titles=The Organ Grinder|artists=The Migrant]

Download: “In The Sun” by The Migrant
[audio:101102-migrant-in-the-sun.mp3|titles=In The Sun|artists=The Migrant]

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