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We Read Minds: We Read Minds [Album Review]


We Read Minds is a band that parallels many other bands you are probably already familiar with….sort of. Their slightly frenzied collection of tracks on their self titled album are dark, electric guitar driven soundscape pieces that rip apart humanity one disturbing lyric at a time. But, they’re not to be skewed by the mainstream pop reality to be a truly “heavy” band. They’re unique in the fact that they almost reach their heavier counterpoints with a pretty basic layout, yet make an immediate left turn down the road towards obscurity before becoming too complacent.

“Savor” is one track that really lets the amplifiers be ravaged with electric guitar backlash. Though this screeching sound is a common formality for We Read Minds, this track is the poster child for their debut album. And you can’t truly appreciate this album without fully digesting the somewhat bubbly love sick cut “The Colour”, or the somewhat hard core folky “Snow Screen”, that paints an amazing landscape portrait of the world at its sickest points.

We Read Minds could be your favorite group. This is absolutely possible due to the common anti-hipster manifestation that boils deep inside so many show goers, shoegazers, and die hard indie rock followers. Their own brand of obscurity is so finely tapered that it becomes more than just music in abstract. These guys are as genuine as those early 90’s U2 records you cherish, only more unique and worthwhile.

We Read Mind’s debut album was originall self released in 2009, but the good folks at The Beechfields Label have picked it up in hopes of spreading the word and have added two exclusive tracks! Check out the band’s website for more information how you can download a digital copy of this album absolutely free!

Download: “Savor” by We Read Minds
[audio:101101-we-read-minds-savor.mp3|titles=Savor|artists=We Read Minds]

Download: “The Colour” by We Read Minds
[audio:101101-we-read-minds-the-colour.mp3|titles=The Colour|artists=We Read Minds]


The Beechfields Records [CD, 2010]

1. Of The Nest
2. Savor
3. The Colour
4. Bastian
5. Rely On The Moon
6. Nocturnal
7. The Difference
8. Snow Screen
9. In The City

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