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Lowell: The Ten Houses and the Falling Leaves [Album Review]


Where was a group like Lowell when you really needed them? Well, they were probably exactly where they needed to be – banging around the turn of the century when music was, for the lack of better words, shit. This group had it’s heyday as local favorites in their fare city of Baltimore from 1998 till 2001. They were around when rap metal was all the rage, and there were still towers in the sky. Their post grunge influenced rock n’ roll might not have been promoted by Carson Daily during those confusing times, but even Lowell (cleverly named after the hometown of Jack Kerouac) couldn’t have realized that they were making tunes that would be considered groundbreaking at the turn of the following decade (you know, the one that Y2K was going to prevent from happening anyway).

Lowell’s “debut” full length album The Ten Houses and the Falling Leaves is an full blown collection of all or nothing alternative epic tracks that make Bic lighters hit the air. It’s just too bad we’re only hearing 9 years too late. Tracks like “Somewhere California” or “Sunset Moonrise” would have been blasted across the social networking scene, had it even existed when these tracks were fresh. But, it’s always best to be thankful for what we have, and not what we lost. And thankfully, band member and Beechfields Label runner Michael Nester has decided to bring us an updated version of one of the finest records that never happened.

Much like many of our favorite bands out there, the tides of time come and swoop them away, but the music has the chance to remain. But, it’s still strange to think that an album like The Ten Houses and the Falling Leaves could have easily been left to collection dust in Nester’s closet. Sort makes you wonder how much wonderful music is hidden underneath the sands of time to never be revealed. So much great stuff that will never been known. But, again, let’s be thankful for the reincarnation of what beautiful sounds we can find. Let’s be thankful for Lowell.

Download: “Somewhere California” by Lowell
[audio:101005-lowell-somewhere-california.mp3|titles=Somewhere California|artists=Lowell]

Download: “Sunset/Moonrise: 1 Pennroad Ave.” by Lowell
[audio:101005-lowell-sunset-moonrise-1-pennroad-ave.mp3|titles=Sunrise/Moonrise: 1 Pennroad Ave.|artists=Lowell]


The Beechfields Record Label [CD, 2010]

1. Somewhere California
2. Over The Ancient Winter
3. The Days Run Away Like Wild Horse
4. Sunset Moonrise:: 1 Pennroad Ave.
5. Manchester By The Sea
6. Llama
7. The Big Chill:: My Postmodernist Dilemma
8. 20
9. Yoko Ono Love Song
10. Bloomington:: semiotics
11. Bardamu
12. Maladroit

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