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Carissa’s Wierd Reissues Update


If you spent any extended period alone in personal confinement during the early days of the century, and you had a predilection toward mopey, soft pop, you may have let the hours wane away dwelling on the heartbreaking bedroom-ish pop of Carissa’s Wierd. If you didn’t, you should have as it is some of the best music created both during and post 90s. Little known, and with even littler quantities of albums produced, many long-time fans cheered quietly when Hardly Art announced a cherished set of reissues.

Since that date, they’ve dropped a best of compilation of sorts titled They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003 pulling some of the better tunes from the band’s repertoire of sound.

And for those who obsessed over highly-sought after records either picked up casually during the band’s original heyday, or snagged quickly in a record store dive after their demise; well, there’s still something for you. All three albums will be available via Hardly Art on vinyl. I’m with you. Hands shaking with excitement, I just preordered the entire batch.

To celebrate the occasion, Hardly Art and Carissa’s Wierd are making available new old tracks for free public consumption. They’ll take you back, these three. For me, they take me back to days in my college dorm, pining over a girl, of walks to the local pub for the inevitable Thursday night jazz group, of the relaxation spurned by driving casually through the Palouse.

Download: “Fluorescent Lights” by Carissa’s Wierd off Ugly But Honest
[audio:100917-carissas-wierd-fluorescent-lights.mp3|titles=Fluorescent Lights|artists=Carissa’s Wierd]

Download: “The Ghost Of A Dead Hummingbird Flying Around The Room” by Carissa’s Wierd off You Should Be At Home Here
[audio:100917-carissas-wierd-ghost-of-a-dead-hummingbird.mp3|titles=The Ghost Of A Dead Hummingbird Flying Around The Room|artists=Carissa’s Wierd]

Download: “Sofisticated Fuck Princess Please Leave Me Alone” by Carissa’s Wierd off Songs About Leaving
[audio:100917-carissas-wierd-sofisticated-fuck-princess-please-leave-me-alone.mp3|titles=Sofisticated Fuck Princess Please Leave Me Alone|artists=Carissa’s Wierd]

2 thoughts on “Carissa’s Wierd Reissues Update

  1. Just found “Songs About Leaving” on CD in a Salvation Army for $2! Pretty exciting, especially since it doesn’t look like Hardly Art’s releasing these on CD.

  2. “…some of the best music created both during and post 90s.”

    Exaggerate much? c’mon man… you have heard other music from the 90s, right?

    There is really only one reason why these records are getting re released and the is because of the fame Band of Horses has acquired over the last 5 years or so.

    Carissa’s Wierd is an okay band. They are not a compelling band, and I don’t think we would be having this conversation if it weren’t for a member in the band being in a more famous band.

    Just one a-hole’s (me) opinion. I just don’t see CW being re released on the merits of its own musical accomplishments. It’s not the worst thing I’ve every heard. It’s just kind of, meh.

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