Cowboy Indian Bear: Saline [Video]


As odd as it may sound, the music created by Cowboy Indian Bear fits perfectly with the band’s name. Somewhere in the pallid obscurity of a peyote high, out in rustic Deliverance-land in middle America, their music is the loop-filled psychedelic daydream you have during a bout of insomnia at 3am. Luscious harmonies and a driving percussion backed by a hint of rock-meets-pop efficacy, “Saline” generates a power familiar to the Lawrence, Kansas area — a land known for producing great independent artists.

“Saline” opens with harmonies that keep the listener in a trance-like haze until the midpoint, when guitars and drums enter with precision and clarity. The entire video takes place in a fairground and the perspective fits the loops with which the band populates their songs — there is lots of spinning. And within it all is Cowboy Indian Bear’s mastery of time and rhythm and harmony.

“Saline” is off the band’s new LP, Each Other All The Time.

Download: “Saline” by Cowboy Indian Bear
[audio:100915-cowboy-indian-bear-saline.mp3|titles=Saline|artists=Cowboy Indian Bear]

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