Loch Lomond [Feature]


I’ve been searching for a “perfect for a fall day” sound for a while now and with Loch Lomond I just might have found it. Based in Portland, OR, a music Mecca that seems to be brimming with promising artists these days, Loch Lomond’s songs are swept with some-what Scottish lilted melodies and covered in strings and chimes; their music flows with a capacity for a sound that is breezy and grounded, clean and complex. There is almost a childlike frivolity to their style, and in tandem with the wavering vocals and ventricle lyrics we’re allowed a luminously solid, and intricately refreshing, listening experience.

Loch Lomonds’ new LP, Night Bats, is available now. “Ghost Of An Earthworm” and “Wax And Wire” are off Night Bats.

Download: “Ghost Of An Earthworm” by Loch Lomond
[audio:100907-loch-lomond-ghost-of-an-earthworm.mp3|titles=Ghost Of An Earthworm|artists=Loch Lomond]

Download: “Wax And Wire” by Loch Lomond
[audio:100907-loch-lomond-wax-and-wire.mp3|titles=Wax And Wire|artists=Loch Lomond]

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