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Discover America: Future Paths [Album Review]


There are many folks like Chris Staples floating around any city of your choosing. But, it is only fair to note that it is their individualistic creativity that makes them…well, the same. When one man decides he wants to control his own destiny as a musician, he only needs to enlist a short hand of helpful players (probably just like him, but not at all) and create a very clever moniker. Do this and what do you get? Well, that would be the extremely enthralling work of Discover America, and the corresponding album Future Paths.

As a collection of indie/alternative treasures, Future Paths really swings the hammer down on the flannel patterned razor blade with a brilliant ease. The album’s finest track “Devil In The Woods” is a perfect combination of Conor Oberst and Stone Temple Pilots, without sounding too much like either one. “When You Are Young” has a beautiful surf sound that could remind you of a more perfected b-side from Cake. Overall, Chris Staples is an artist that brings pretty lyrics of subtle consciousness to an almost grunge background without getting too hung up on being overtly loud and demanding the wrong sort of attention (cough, cough Mr. Wieland!).

Future Paths could be one of your favorite albums of the year, if you really give it a chance. After two or three complete listens, the versatility of a project like Discover America will become more and more impressive each time. Staples’ unique personality is of the manic sort that becomes the backing effort to some very incredible tunes, (for example: check out his blog, look for the devil sperm, you will laugh!). So pour yourself a nice paper cup of chi tea and Jack Daniels, and prepare for a perfectly conceived collection of euphoric and naturally contemporary tracks to doo wop to or even cry by candle light, whatever gets your demon juices flowing!

Download: “Devil In The Woods” by Discover America
[audio:100907-discover-america-devil-in-the-woods.mp3|titles=Devil In The Woods|artists=Discover America]

Download: “Force Of Proper Wind” by Discover America
[audio:100907-discover-america-force-of-proper-wind.mp3|titles=Force Of Proper Wind|artists=Discover America]


Lujo Records [CD, 2010]

1. Force Of Proper Wind
2. 1979
3. Devil In The Woods
4. When You Are Young
5. Sawdust In My Clothes
6. Interlude
7. A Look Of Samson’s Hair
8. Time Is A Bird
9. Brighton Beach
10. Out Of The Valley

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