Hotpants Romance: E-Mails [Video]


Oh, Hotpants Romance. So delightfully off key, and just so damn cute. Yes, the chaos driven trio of girls from across the pond are back with their oh so eccentric style of garage punk. Knowing how to make simple songs that make you laugh, love, and roll through a series of good time emotions in less than three minutes, you can’t help but love these girls for their immense spirit and happy go lucky attitudes.

“E-Mails” is a classic story of a love and loss. When that bastard just won’t pick up his Blackberry to write back, what are you suppose to do? Well, Hotpants Romance might suggest raiding your local internet cafe and stereotypical British phone booths to unleash your happy attitude, with only a slight bit of rage, and bug the hell out of him until he sees the light. And when you finally get through to the jerk, you will know what to do. Rinse, lather, repeat – and let karma take its course. These three chord goddesses of punk rock know exactly what it takes create an extremely catchy track.

“E-Mails” is the first single from their forthcoming album, International Hotpants Romance, due out this November on Cherryade Records.

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