The Black Keys: Tighten Up [Video]


The girlfriend and I have been pretty adamant about keeping HBO, although Comcast charges out the ass for anything and everything. There are a few reasons for this, in her opinion (and a few extra in mine). It all has to do with their original programming — shows like True Blood, Bored to Death, the forthcoming Boardwalk Empire, and recent favorite Hung. Last week’s episode closed out with a bluesy, garage rendition of R&B, and I simply had to know who it was. Of course, it was The Black Keys with their song “Tighten Up”.

I hadn’t heard it, and in fact I haven’t heard much of anything from The Black Keys mostly due to fault of my own. I just hadn’t taken the time (although I have that Record Day 12″ in my possession, as well as a few of their older items buried amidst other CDs somewhere in a box in my closet). The band has been around eight years, released five albums in that time. They include production by Danger Mouse, boast Dan Auerbach on vocals and guitar, and feature Patrick Carney on drums. This is where my cred takes a substantial dip. Again, why haven’t I given these guys an attentive listen? *Kicks self*

“Tighten Up” is a very single-worthy song, with hip, bluesy vocals, Motown-like guitar jams and a tambourine-heavy shuffle to the catchy percussive beat. There’s a reason people like this band, and it’s written all over this song. To make it even better, the band made a video. And it may just be the best video of the year, as far as I’m concerned. After watching it a few times, I’m still speechless as to its brilliance. No descriptors needed: watch it. Now.

Watch it to the end. At the moment it seems it can’t get any better. It does.

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