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The Winebirds: Séance Hill [Album Review]


Ever wondered where you might find pop-folk heaven? Well, one thing is certain; you probably have to hike to the top of Séance Hill. Here you might find the likes of Loudon Wainwright and Kimya Dawson passing a joint amongst the more youthful versions of themselves. Jointly, their successors would be known as The Winebirds. While kicking away all the glitz and indie glamour of their Portland hometown, this vocal swapping band has created something so soothing and downright cute you might find yourself hugging random puppies, and then you’ll tip-toe through the tulips growing in the indie rock prairie you once thought you fully understood.

Amongst a keyboard-focused scenery, Séance Hill features a dozen lovely tracks that are perfect for a sunny day in love, or a smoky room only open to the lonely. The soft spoken and harmony driven cut “Out In The Van” solidifies their already glorious reputation as a new and improved Fleetwood Mac. This might even be more obvious on the extremely catchy “The Solution”. Although their sound is amazing, it might just by their lyrical prowess that is most appealing. They speak of the simplest aspects of the disoriented reality we call life with a heartwarming manner that everyone should know before they’re dead and gone.

The Winebirds are, in the most convenient of definitions, simply sublime. And Séance Hill is prime real estate for anybody looking or a refreshing bit of nuance in their record collection. So pour yourself a nice glass of zinfandel, and throw all your pretentious worries aside. If you can’t feel good listening to this, then you most definitely have no soul whatsoever.

Download: “Out In The Van” by The Winebirds
[audio:100824-winebirds-out-in-the-van.mp3|titles=Out In The Van|artists=The Winebirds]

Download: “The Solution” by The Winebirds
[audio:100824-winebirds-the-solution.mp3|titles=The Solution|artists=The Winebirds]


[CD, 2010]

1. I Obscenity In Thy Mother’s Milk
2. The Solution
3. Hit Machine
4. Out In The Van
5. Best In Show
6. Tideman
7. Vanity
8. Superdelegate
9. Cassandra
10. Monkey Victim Unit
11. The New Oregon Trail
12. The Hill

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