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Show Recommendation: The Mallard


Adorned in a heavy, lo-fi reverb, The Mallard plays light, fluffy garage pop music that a few friends have been raving about of late. They hit me up, thinking I’d like it, and they were right. The band boasts four members; what’s unique, however, is that they all belong to the same body. The body is that of a woman simply titled Greer. The right foot gets the kick drum, the left the hi-hat tambourine. The arms and fingers play guitar, and vocals are left to the mouth. It’s an interesting perspective in which to describe your band, but it fits The Mallard to a T.

So now for the gritty details. The Mallard is heading up the coast from her home in San Francisco to play a few shows. Starting in her hometown on Wednesday, she’ll make a two day trip up to Bellingham for a Friday show, zig-zag down to Portland on Saturday and hike back up to Seattle on Sunday. Not necessarily the route I would have selected, but if it keeps her in the Northwest a little longer that’s all fine with me.

After all, The Mallard has one of those must-hear sounds. In fine form, I’ve included a few of those sounds, “Old Hates Tatesale” and “Ex”, below for your listening/downloading pleasure. Below that is a video of her performing live – a little teaser for the upcoming performances. As I noted to Sound on the Sound’s Abbey, I may have to trek it up to Bellingham on Friday to check this one out…

08.25: Kimo’s Bar & Penthouse Lounge in San Francisco
08.27: Plan B Saloon in Bellingham
08.28: House Show in Portland
08.29: Bourbon in the Columbia Theatre in Seattle

Download: “Old Hates Tatesale” by The Mallard
[audio:100823-mallard-old-hates-tatesale.mp3|titles=Old Hates Tatesale|artists=The Mallard]

Download: “Ex” by The Mallard
[audio:100823-mallard-ex.mp3|titles=Ex|artists=The Mallard]

Magic (tenetivley…sorry mike) by The Mallard from Elliott Johnson on Vimeo.

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