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No Age: Glitter [mp3 Review]


It’s interesting to hear the progression No Age has made since Nouns. “Glitter” is an entirely different beast. Sure there are elements of noise that the band so favored on that brilliant debut from 2009, but here it’s contained and restrained. They’ve tamed the beast. No longer do they shout to be heard amidst overwhelming, clever guitar riffs. No, here they focus on a consistent drum beat and actually… wait for it… sing! Still, the song builds and grows into a noisy little creature, vicious yet slumbering. I doubt this band has tamed to the point of being domestic — after all, “You’re A Target” was pretty f*ing mad, and that came out pretty recently. Frankly, I’m torn as to which side of No Age I like better, the insane noise or the restrained madness. Either way, you’ve got a winner.

“Glitter” is available both as 7-inch and 12-inch singles from Sub Pop come August 24.

Download: “Glitter” by No Age
[audio:100818-no-age-glitter.mp3|titles=Glitter|artists=No Age]

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