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Kelley Stoltz


Kelley Stoltz’s new single, “I Don’t Get That”, is something of another time. One listen and we find ourselves reeling in an era when music was intended to set us off; when the sun could be felt through the speakers. A simple, rugged guitar progression and centric sultry sixties throwback rhythm feed our appetite as the kind of warm and vagrant pop music we want to hear. It’s the type of song we would’ve stayed up late to listen to, hiding our radios under our pillows so mom wouldn’t know we were listening to that dirty rock music. Though his sound is not a huge divergence from the glory days of the Brit-rock invasion, Stoltz makes pop music the way it’s remembered and hoped to be.

Stoltz’s new album, No Dreamers, comes out in October.

Download: “I Don’t Get That” by Kelley Stoltz
[audio:100817-kelley-stoltz-i-dont-get-that.mp3|titles=I Don’t Get That|artists=Kelley Stoltz]

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