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Jen Wood: Finds You In Love [Album Review]


Jen Wood is perhaps best known for her role as the female vocalist accompanying Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello on that Postal Service album for a few years back. Listening to her new solo album, it’s instantly apparent that this work is about as far away as you can get from that well-known piece of pop art. So get your expectations in order. Her melodies are just as simple and just as catchy, but this is pure folk-pop; simple, beloved and true.

The obvious hit is opening track “Pills” with its basic repetitive chorus of You won’t be there / Forever. When it comes down to it, there’s a lot of that on Finds You In Love — catchy, hopelessly romantic pop songs, soft and pleasant. It’s bedroom pop not in that it fits the subgenre but because it matches those early feelings of love, kissing a new romance gently on your bed. This album would be the perfect accompaniment for such a situation. It’s packed with anticipation and longing.

Quiet piano melodies go hand-in-hand with Jen Wood’s smooth, harmonic vocals. “Let Me Down” will whisper sad joy into your hear, teasing your emotions, tormenting your very being to the edge of madness — a good madness — the kind that you wish to experience over and over, like the butterflies of love. Add a double-time shuffle in the drums and it mimics the quickening of a hearbeat or the gentle gasps of breath; you get the picture.

Finds You In Love may be the most appropriate album title in the history of album titles. The subtleties it conveys match perfectly the music that pours forth from speakers when it plays.

Download: “Pills” by Jen Wood
[audio:100817-jen-wood-pills.mp3|titles=Pills|artists=Jen Wood]


New Granada Records [CD, 2010]

1. Pills
2. You Are The Promise
3. Let Me Down
4. Zeppelin
5. Red Sun
6. Beautiful
7. Trust
8. Morning Light
9. Flight
10. People Like Us
11. Never Doubt

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