I Am The Dot: The Crown [Video]


Zach Tipton, a.k.a. I Am The Dot, has an irreparable and distinguished eye for inducing visual energy. His latest single, “The Crown” is an experimentally charged pop ballad that could very well be about anything you wish. But, with a very direct and certainly touching display of childhood imagery, his personal vision will become bloody obvious as you watch a young Zach roller-skate his way through a standard impressionable childhood. This song, from his latest EP The Royal Few, is about growth. It is about the spirit that embodies us at times. It is about time, and the entirely too fast pace of which we move through such a precious commodity.

The display of “The Crown” in freeze pattern (via Vimeo) displays a small child looking up at the camera in a certain disarray of emotions that most children find comforting. His eyes are wandering, something is staring him down. The uncertainty of a video camera in his face is not unlike the uncertainty he might feel about life in general. Back these thoughts with lyrics such as “Born without lines on his palms, he walks with a slight metronome swagger”, and a slightly eerie chill should run down your spine. If not, you might want to take a look back your childhood, and see what was so damn entertaining about it.

Tipton displays a royal (pun intended) sense of control and self-worth as he protrudes through the blackness of reality with the tyrannical ambiguity of a saint-like creature on this spooky yet entirely understandably disturbing track that is sure to leave you breathless, and a bit afraid of the normalcy, or the lack thereof, that his plagued your own existence.

I Am The Dot ~ The Crown from Zachary Tipton on Vimeo.

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  1. Your words made me want to listen to it. The music/vidio made me want to watch again and even come back later for another dose.

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