Burnt Ones [Feature]


So it’s 10:10pm and I’m a bit exhausted. Today was busy, tomorrow will be as well, and that will continue through the weekend and into next week. I wasn’t planning to write more tonight, but in perusing a few of the many emails I receive on a daily basis, I stumbled on Burnt Ones and felt oddly compelled. Backed by a few repeated, fuzzed out chords and fronted by punk-influenced vocals, the music just kind of washes over you – especially after a few good local brews.

“Kaleidoscope Eyes” has the dream-like tenacity of a band like The Radio Dept. but is full-fledged punk (thought it walks hand-in-hand with bouncy pop melodies). “Burnt To Lose”, on the other hand, opens with a spacey experimental nature and echoing tambourines. While I prefer the former, the latter holds merit in it’s mere ability to be weird yet cohesive and melodic despite its overall exploratory sensibilities. In other words, it grows on you whereas “Kaleidoscope Eyes” is an immediate hit.

Burnt Ones’ debut LP Black Teeth and Golden Tongues came out yesterday on Roaring Colonel Records.

Download: “Kaleidoscope Eyes” by Burnt Ones
[audio:100812-burnt-ones-kaleidoscope-eyes.mp3|titles=Kaleidoscope Eyes|artists=Burnt Ones]

Download: “Burnt To Lose” by Kaleidoscope Eyes
[audio:100812-burnt-ones-burnt-to-lose.mp3|titles=Kaleidoscope Eyes|artists=Burnt Ones]

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