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Candy Claws: Hidden Lands [Album Review]


Last year Candy Claws debuted with In The Dream Of The Sea Life, which was ultimately a very descriptive title for the music they made. It was dreamy and had this static-like liquidy electronic undertone. Hidden Lands is a bit of a departure from that album, which had traces of psychedelic electro-noise. Instead, their follow-up takes it down a notch. Gone is the noise, the psychedelic elements, but they’ve heightened the dreamy, atmospheric nature of their songs infinitely.

So it’s almost a given — you won’t find songs that are as super catchy and borderline danceable here, but you will find beautifully experimental music that is complex yet minimal all at once. And like their debut, Hidden Lands sounds like it was all done via a laptop and synthesizer (a signature of Candy Claws). “Sunbeam Show” has a bit of a beat to it (so no, it’s not as minimal as the early pioneers of that subgenre of electronica), but it remains consistent with the album in its experimental nature.

When it comes down to it, Hidden Lands is a night album. It shuns the daylight but thrives in the dark hours. Curtains shut, eyes closed, all light banished — it’s best ingested by cutting off all other senses. No sight, no taste, no smell, minimal touch. Just audio, turned up just enough to drown out everything else.

Download: “Sunbeam Show” by Candy Claws
[audio:100810-candy-claws-sunbeam-show.mp3|titles=Sunbeam Show|artists=Candy Claws]

Download: “Silent Time Of Earth” by Candy Claws
[audio:100810-candy-claws-silent-time-of-earth.mp3|titles=Silent Time Of Earth|artists=Candy Claws]


Two Syllable Records [CD, 2010]

1. In The Deep Time
2. Sunbeam Show
3. Warm Forest Floor
4. On The Bridge
5. The Breathing Fire
6. Silent Time Of Earth
7. Hiding
8. Miracle Spring
9. Sun Arrow
10. A Strange Land Discovered

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