Netherfriends: Bret Easton Ellis Novel [Video]


When I first checked out Netherfriends last year, I may have noted that they reminded me a bit of Animal Collective. That, maybe, and perhaps The Dodos. But, in actuality, they’re somewhere between. Gone are AC’s tribal shrieks and gone are The Dodos’ acoustic strums. When it comes down to it, Netherfriends really are their own beast. They may fit that same string of genres — folk, pop, experimental, psychedelic, and eccentric as all hell, to name a few — but their sound is really their own. Vocals clear and with a hint of longing, “Bret Easton Ellis Novel” is a prime example of not only this, but also of the greatness Netherfriends possesses.

The video for “Bret Easton Ellis Novel” follows suit. As epileptic as a Dan Deacon video minus the insanity, kaleidoscopes, and random 80s weirdness, Shawn Rosenblatt does a good job packing an insurmountable amount of time into the four to five odd minutes of his song thanks to stop-motion photography. Like the video, “Bret Easton Ellis Novel” is likely to blow your mind. Be prepared to take some pain medication after watching this one, and don’t be the least bit surprised if you find yourself watching the video again when the initial headache subdues.

Rosenblatt is embarking on a journey dubbed 50 States 50 Songs, which is both pretty explanatory and totally brilliant. Check it out here

If you missed last year’s Calling You Out, here are two very different tracks from that EP:

Download: “Mom Cop” by Netherfriends
[audio:100729-netherfriends-mom-cop.mp3|titles=Mom Cop|artists=Netherfriends]

Download: “Nunya” by Netherfriends

Bret Easton Ellis Novel from Shawn Rosenblatt on Vimeo.

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