Will Stratton [Feature]


Song \’ sóŋ\ n 2: A poetic composition. Music \’myü-zik \ n 2: an agreeable sound. To hear the work of Will Stratton is to experience music and song in both their simplest definitions while also swimming in their deepest of meaning. While the same could be said for many folk artists, Stratton offers us a sound keenly subtle and vast in spirit. His latest album, New Vanguard Blues, is constructed of sweetly singed words and melodies that are familiarly refreshing; songs that take the headache away and help us breathe a little bit deeper. It is the kind of music we could run parallel with for a while. Like cool earth below a willow tree, or tumbling sea glass water below broken sunlight, Will Stratton’s music and song are inseparable. As Whitman confesses of himself “how quick the sunrise would kill me if I could not now and always send sunrise out of me”, Stratton might too perish if he did not send out his song. We find a part of our identity, part of our fears and frailties, in his twisting chords and lyrics. Tunes such as “Bluebells” and “New Vanguard Blues” offer us what can only be a sweet beginning to a satisfying album. So let’s lay ourselves down to our loneliness and our dreams and run with the music for a while; let’s get lost in its river and its trees.

<a href="http://willstratton.bandcamp.com/album/new-vanguard-blues">Bluebells by Will Stratton</a>

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