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The Oregon Donor: Live At The Empyrean [07.22.10]


Directly across the street from The Empyrean’s new location stands a major franchised coffee shop that can very well remain nameless (although, not Starbucks). But, there doesn’t seem to be a gathering of Spokane’s youth decked out in their finest Value Village attire outside of their shop on this fine July night. Is the coffee better here? Or is that strange, mildly majestic indie rock that pours from their doors? I’m really guessing it’s the latter. Although the coffee is quite good as well.

The Oregon Donor was the surprise hit of the evening to say the least. Going second in a lineup of four is always a daunting task. You’re not quite kicking things into gear, and you’re still more than a stone’s throw away from the headlining act. But when it comes to this indie rock treasure, they could be playing outside under the massive collection of recyclable PBR cans around the corner, and they would still turn out a great performance. They proved that beyond a reasonable doubt here in Spokane with their own brand of rock n’ roll energy. While accompanying acts were solid, a content and conscious viewer would be able to tell that The Organ Donor’s short but sweet set stole the night, all before the sun even went down.

Christopher, The Oregon Donor’s own Robin Hood, has a personable stage presence that is tasteful and overall comprehensive. The band as a whole plays with the unity of college theatre production, but Kyle Holland (drums) is an obvious standout for his ability to use up every square inch of acoustic possibilities that a stage has to offer. His stick work was probably audible even for the oldest of couples strolling down Riverfront Park, several blocks away. Loud but tasteful. Exactly as rock was meant to be.

Though the finale act, And I Was Like What?, put on a compelling piece of indie rock stage art, those who came to the Empyrean on Wednesday night unbeknownst to who the hell this cleverly titled band from Anacortes even were, have a hell of a good idea who they are now.

As a special promotional treat, Burning Building Records is offering The Oregon Donor’s 2009 album, A Pageant’s End, as a free download until the end of July. The band will hit the studio soon to record their follow up record soon.

Download: “Morse Code” by The Oregon Donor
[audio:100727-the-oregon-donor-morse-code.mp3|titles=Morse Code|artists=The Oregon Donor]






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