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Busses: Busses [Album Review]


Dave Brett, vocalist for the Philadelphia based trio Busses, sounds like Neil Young. That’s pretty obvious and should be stated directly. But, the sound of these genuinely diverse artists as a whole would only strike the Harvest man if punk and prog jazz became a staple during a three-quarter life crisis. The estranged madness on this record is what keeps you searching for other comparisons that are not likely to appear in a regular imagination.

“Stationary” is the band’s finest example of total misrepresentation you might ever hear. When the track kicks off, you might begin to expect some pretty little folk/jazz melodies for the remainder of the song, or the rest of the album. But, don’t be alarmed when a peculiar classic rock sound appears before your double apple hookah tobacco really starts to burn. Sure, moments throughout their self titled debut might appear to have some sort of resolution for your initial judgments. But, “Foundation Myth” will definitely lead you astray if you were to be so close minded.

Busses definitely have a flavor that is original in itself to say the least. Listening to smooth yet slightly raw branding of intelligence hits you like a sugar cube drenched in hot sauce. But, where strange combinations such as this rarely work out, you get none of that here. These guys are pure. And their randomly placed bursts of adrenaline are definitely their greatest asset as a band. To have the guts to create as they do is commendable in any light you could choose to consider. These tremendous cats have it going on, there is no doubt about that.

Download: “Stationary” by Busses


[CD, 2010]

1. Foundation Myth
2. Stationary
3. House Fire
4. Safe Vacation Destinations
5. Methods & Procedures
6. Guarded & Safe
7. Time/Place

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