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Banned Books: Mission Creep [Cover Art]


Banned Books, I don’t really know what to think of you. There are times where I get your music, like with “Summer Death Camp”. I can totally rock to that. But others like “Wilderness Area” are a bit out there for even an eclectic palate such as mine. Still, for the most part, I’m totally down with Mission Creep. “Anti-Anthem” is superb, and I definitely dig “The Alarm” and “Mission Creep”. The same holds true for “Black Knot Of Plum Or Cherry”. I can also dig the visual elements.

Twelve inches of wax encased in a thick, black cover stock sleeve featuring a print in one color — silver. The cover art is out there; like the music, one is easily befuddled and confused by its sheer brute existence. What does it mean? Is there a purpose? Huh? Whether the answers to these questions are easily fathomable really doesn’t matter. Ultimately, the art and music coincide and are in unison in their obscurity. And, you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mission Creep can be found on Stumparumper Records.

Download: “Mission Creep” by Banned Books
[audio:100720-banned-books-mission-creep.mp3|titles=Mission Creep|artists=Banned Books]





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