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Son Of Rams: Triple Eyed [mp3]


There’s something special brewing in Brooklyn and it largely surrounds one Joe Pruitt, whose band Family Trees gave us the single Dream Talkin’ a short while ago. Well, Joe just dropped me a note about his other band, Son Of Rams, and once again I’m smitten. Son Of Rams veers in a slightly different direction, namely Pruitt and company give it a psychedelic edge, although it is undoubtedly upbeat pop. “Triple Eyed” is a new song filled with vocal hooks and catchy fuzz-filled riffs and a wild, psychedelic guitar solo. It’s a bit of a change from Family Trees, but boy does it still have that lovable summer pop sound.

Not much can be found on Son Of Rams, as a MySpace they once had has disappeared. Their website is minimal, containing only songs. And the photo from above is actually from the Family Trees website; I found it fitting as it, too, is mysterious, showing only legs. But there’s a lot of intrigue here, as everything I’ve heard from Son Of Rams is pretty damn solid. “Triple Eyed”, though, is a strong favorite. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think…

Download: “Triple Eyed” by Son of Rams
[audio:100721-son-of-rams-triple-eyed.mp3|titles=Triple Eyed|artists=Son Of Rams]

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