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Charles The Osprey: Consider [Cover Art]


Was the last *new* Cover Art really from the holiday season? Boy does time fly. Well, I received this nice slab of vinyl in the mail the other day and I couldn’t help it. The camera came out and that led to this: the first Cover Art piece we’ve done in more than six months. The band is Charles The Osprey and the album is their latest, Consider, out now on Friction Records. And on green vinyl at that!

Encased in a cardboard gatefold sleeve, possibly recycled (a statement based solely on visible analysis only), and including an illustrated design that features only black ink, Consider is among the cooler pieces of vinyl acquired this year. An interesting aside about this band, as noted in the press release:

After a show early into the band’s tenure as kings of instrumental math-rock in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, they found a note on a bar table written by a woman who “really enjoyed your obvious LACK of musical talent” (her emphasis). “It also really helps to play your bad music really, really loud. Give me a call sometime.” The document was featured on the popular website Passive Aggressive Notes and later in a book published by the site’s creators.

However they sounded at the time, they’ve probably come a long way. Consider sounds pretty decent to me, and after a few spins on your turntable I wouldn’t be surprised if you arrive at a similar conclusion.

Download: “Scimitar Children And Their Rugs” by Charles The Osprey
[audio:100716-charles-the-osprey-scimitar-children-and-their-rugs.mp3|titles=Scimitar Children And Their Rugs|artsits=Charles The Osprey]





4 thoughts on “Charles The Osprey: Consider [Cover Art]

  1. Glad you like the cover art! The illustration was done by our friend Ryan G. Hill. His stuff is pretty amazing. That note is also my favorite – it hangs in my office. There’s a pic of it on our website if you wanna see it for yourself.

  2. SONG IS F****** AWESOME!! Great vibe to it. Great for an early morning coffee and cigarette break!!! Who am I kidding?? I’m always on a break! Anyways great tune guys. Enjoyed it I listen to it again!!

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