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The Lucksmiths: Three Out of Print Singles


Another Cover Art piece transferred over from that site, this time covering three out of print singles by one of the greatest Australian bands to ever exist — The Lucksmiths. The band may no longer be together, but their music stands just as strong as it did one the day it was released, be it from their humble beginnings in the early 1990s to their final release just a year or so ago. Here’s the original post:

Matinée Recordings recently sent out one of their occasional newsletters, and it included a note that immediately caught my attention. In the cleaning out of their storage room, they found a box or so of old deleted singles, items that until then were thought to be out of print. This news applied to artists like Harper Lee, The Fairways, and, one of my favorites, The Lucksmiths.

Of course, I couldn’t help but indulge a bit. Here are a few snapshots from the “dig.”

The list, chronologically:
Untidy Towns [1998]
Southernmost [1999]
T-Shirt Weather [2001]

If you dig Australian indie pop, obviously influenced by the twee movement and (no surprise) The Smiths, this band is for you!








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