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Canby: Rat [Album Review]


Scott Yoshimura. You know him. You’ve heard him provide additional drum kit induced background noise for The Envy Corps for a while now. And for all practical purposes, Canby is his “side” project. But really, that’s not a fair statement. This is HIS project. And Rat is the excellent debut of Scott’s own personal expressions. He does it all on the record, and he does it damn well.

The 90’s style lo-fi pop single “Rat”, is a prime example of Yoshimura’s ingenuity at its best. It has its moments of darkness that the rest of the album doesn’t have, but it remains a strangely uplifting ditty that can make you feel nothing but good. But, you cannot go through a listen of Rat, without going back to the super catchy and absolutely captivating track, “Being Awake”. There is very little sign of Envy Corps in Canby. Pretty much nonexistent, really. And that’s absolutely perfect. When an artist branches of from the norm, it can be upsetting when they go off and make the same music they were already doing as an act. Agreed?

Canby is definitely a solid project for Scott. And now with a solid release under his own studded belt, it should be interesting to see where our hero decides to go with his new found form of musical exploration. The effort that he put into this record shines through with indie rock heavy guitar riffs with a brilliant sense of what it takes to make a pop melody. And, once again, the drummer sings! This seems to be quite the hidden gem in the indie world. And amongst them, Canby should be a “solo” project that reigns supreme.

Download: “Rat” by Canby


Aqui Estamos Records [CD, 2010]

1. Reassurance
2. Followed
3. Rat
4. With The World On A Stick
5. We Will Go
6. Compromise
7. For Alex, Who Hates The Word Lonely
8. Being Awake
9. How To Start
10. Maggie

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