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Secret Colours: Jellybean [mp3]


Secret Colours create classic psych-pop music that has the sound the bands of the 60s and early 70s. Their new self-titled LP is packed with this style and “Jellybean” is a prime example of what makes Secret Colours a more than noteworthy up-and-coming band. Dreamy, melodic vocals front an attack of wild cymbals and echoing guitars that create a wall of sound. There’s a major emphasis on percussion that not only fits but enhances the psych-pop sound; it’s safe to say that without it, Secret Colors would not nearly be as impressive. Still, each part adds significantly to the whole. “Jellybean” is the full realization of the heritage 1960s and early 70s groups bestowed upon our modern era of psychedelic pop music.

Check out the band’s self-titled LP on the Secret Colours’ bandcamp page.

Download: “Jellybean” by Secret Colours
[audio:100713-secret-colours-jellybean.mp3|titles=Jellybean|artists=Secret Colours]

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  1. I love Secret Colours new album. The lyrics and the music are so original. Can’t wait to hear more from them.

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