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Backseat Dreamer: The Colors Of Dreams, They’re In You [Album Review]


The name Backseat Dreamer, to me, says ethereal. I think of music so entwining it makes your head swim. The Colors Of Dreams, They’re In You, Backseat Dreamer’s debut LP, fits that description, but in an unexpected way. Electronic and filled with a broad expanse of volume, songs like “Moment In Time” and “Dying Dream” are drowning in their voluminous weight.

Where I was expecting the softer, poppy version of ethereal, I received the louder, all-encompassing version. And after listening to The Colors Of Dreams in its entirety, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s no shortage of noise on The Colors Of Dreams, as main man Sean Neuse packs the entire album with sound. But there’s also no shortage of heartfelt romance. “Consider” drops in a few emotive lines, as do “Twilight Valentines” and “For Starry Eyes”. This isn’t surprising, as Neuse’s music has that trance-inducing nature that takes over and dominates any and all emotions while heightening all senses.

The concept behind Backseat Dreamer is that of the lucid dream. In a way, we are accompanying Neuse in his. Whether or not this is how the moniker Backseat Dreamer arose, it fits. And The Colors Of Dreams, They’re In You is a realization that reality may not quite be what it appears.

Download: “Consider” by Backseat Dreamer
[audio:100709-backseat-dreamer-consider.mp3|titles=Consider|artists=Backseat Dreamer]


Stickfigure Recordings [CD, 2010]

1. Moment In Time
2. Dying Dream
3. Consider
4. Blind Science
5. February Flies
6. Real Inside You
7. For Starry Eyes
8. Twilight Valentines
9. Hold Me Awake
10. Gold Dust
11. Colors In The Night

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