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Earlier today (which, if you’re reading this on the day it was published, was actually yesterday), I cranked up Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea for the first time in at least a year. Coincidentally, while looking for a band to cover in a feature for tomorrow (i.e. today), I came across White Nights. The band has an obvious Elephant 6 reference in the music the music they create; undoubtedly pop, the band has a clear guitar backed by a fuzzy lo-fi drum kit beat and fronted by fuzzy lo-fi vocals. A definite nod to Jeff Mangum.

“Home Tonight” comes to us from a ggnzla records sampler comp packed with artists like Leo Gebhardt, Partman Parthorse, Sorry and many more. I mention this for a specific reason: most the bands on this comp, to my knowledge, hail from Seattle or the general nearby vicinity of Seattle. Not White Nights, who call Chicago home. But their lo-fi pop is oddly at home with artists like retro lo-fi folk-rock Gebhardt, the erotic Partman Parthorse, and the garage-inspired Sorry.

“Home Tonight” will spark that long repressed nostalgia, reinvigorating and reigniting your love for the good ol’ E6. The song can also be found on the band’s seven-song EP titled Broken Diapason Stop. You can pick up that EP and two other White Nights releases (Basement Piano and The Down Times) over at White Nights MySpace Page.

Stream: “Home Tonight” by White Nights
[audio:100708-white-nights-home-tonight.mp3|titles=Home Tonight|artists=White Nights]

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  1. Dave banzer used to live in seattle in the basement of 24/7 house. ryan thompson from sorry lived upstairs. charles leo played guitar in white nights before dave moved to chicago. dave writes great songs

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