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The Flying Change: Singer/Songwriter EP [Album Review]

The Flying Change

Sam Jacobs is back. Well, sort of. The man behind The Flying Change who brought us 2009’s critically acclaimed Pain Is A Reliable Signal is back in action. Who could forget his tremendously lo-fi look into the disturbing world of love and loss mixed through some of the most personal tales of sadness one man could possibly tell. It made some for some beautiful songs even when backed by tragedy. So, how does a reasonable indie rocker on the rise follow up such an album? How about some danceable pop songs? Sure, why not.

The aptly titled Singer/Songwriter happens to be the name of the 2 songs that make up this 15 minute EP. Each is really a continuation of the other. Therefore, if played on repeat, these two tracks alone could keep you dancing for hours on end. And although the lo-fi techno style is completely off from Jacob’s original work, the same sense of longing for some sort of mental reconciliation is there. This isn’t just a Cher song to shake your ass to. There is a real message behind these words, especially scattered throughout the middle section of the almost 7 minute long “Singer”. You didn’t think Sam was going to change entirely did you?

There is never anything wrong with a (real) artist stepping out of their element to explore new grounds and finds new ways to make self expression as enjoyable as possible. Many critics might come out of the wood works to slander Sam for what he has done here. Some will come back with the typical “his first album was WAY better” attitude. Some periodicals may over-analyze the man and say Singer/Songwriter is another step in his “grieving process.” But, let’s call it as it is folks: A poet, a true artist at that, is in love with defiance, dancing, and pop culture. And he found an absolutely splendid way to make this happen. The songs rock, and can be enjoyed by a wide audience. That is all that really matters here. You just can’t find originality like Jacob’s The Flying Change anymore.

Download: “Singer” by The Flying Change
[audio:100701-flying-change-singer.mp3|titles=Singer|artists=The Flying Change]

The Flying Change: Singer/Songwriter EP

Scarlet Shame Records [CDEP, 2010]

1. Singer
2. Songwriter

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