One Happy Island [Feature]

One Happy Island

I thought I recognized the One Happy Island name. The band recently released a few singles on 3″ CD via the London-based pop label weePOP. The latest is that they have a new one out soon on Odd Box Records — the band’s debut self-titled full-length. One Happy Island creates hyperactive pop with overly ambitious percussion (in a good way), a slew of chanting vocalists, and a sound entirely lo-fi and uninhibited by post production. They also write soft pop songs that border on folk.

Both styles find the band producing raw pop at its most upbeat and fun. Take “Cave City Sunrise” and “Kudzu Girlfriend” as prime examples of what this band is capable of producing. The former is super poppy while the latter is absolutely pop with a slightly softer tone. My favorite, however, is “Patients And Better Days” (you’ll have to grab the album to hear that one). In a way, it reminds me of a clash between Fishboy and Son, Ambulance. They have a tendency to write somewhat silly songs that are infectious and brilliant. One Happy Island hits via Odd Box Records on July 5th.

Download: “Cave City Sunrise” by One Happy Island
[audio:100622-oh-happy-island-cave-city-sunrise.mp3|titles=Cave City Sunrise|artists=One Happy Island]

Download: “Kudzu Girlfriend” by One Happy Island
[audio:100622-oh-happy-island-kudzu-girlfriend.mp3|titles=Kudzu Girlfriend|artists=One Happy Island]

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