Hot Spa: Kiola Beach [Video]


I love the sound Hot Spa has; blending hyper-infectious experimental surf pop and with a group sing-a-long mentality. “Kiola Beach” uses the dated retro footage that seems so popular these days, hinting of the 1970s and early 80s. Seemingly a homage to the past, the video for “Kiola Beach” is a collection of snippets from Hot Spa’s family videos from the 70s. It fits well with their lo-fi, almost unplugged pop sensibilities. And with a surf-heavy family heritage (much of the video includes surfing), it’s the perfect song for early summer.

Download: “Kiola Beach” by Hot Spa
[audio:100616-hot-spa-kiola-beach.mp3|titles=Kiola Beach|artists=Hot Spa]

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